Gaming Incubator


hallway_smlThe Digital Media and Gaming Incubator helps digital companies grow and succeed.  It supports the city’s digital sectors by providing affordable space, business and professional services along with a network of resources.  The incubator is located in the School of Design’s at George Brown College in downtown Toronto.

The Incubator is more than a physical location, it allows for focused and quiet work, formal and informal exchanges while also providing space that encourages exploration and unexpected discoveries.

To apply for co-working space or a private office, click here.

What entrepreneurs are saying about the Incubator:

“The GBC Digital Media & Gaming Incubator is probably the best kept secret for startups in Toronto. When you’re starting a business, you need a great space where you can get work done and you want to be surrounded by a community of supportive people. That’s exactly what you find here.”

Vanessa Lee, Co-founder, Sage Care

“The Incubator at George Brown College was the perfect start for us to dive into the Toronto startup scene and build our gaming company.”  
Dave Proctor, Co-founder, 13AM GAMES


“The Incubator has turned out to be a great asset to our company, allowing us to focus on growing our company as well as accessing student talent from the Interactive Media Management program.”  
Rajah Lehal, Co-founder, Clausehound